Handprints, 2012

Handprints (2012)

Format | Digital, Sony F3
Duration | 15mins

A film directed by Wesley Flemming. Two strangers meet one morning and decide to go on a date on a supposedly haunted building at night. Once on their date they begin to realize that they both have sinister plans for each other. But who will outwit whom?

Trapped, 2012

Trapped (2012)

Format | Digital Sony FS100
Duration | 5mins

A film directed by Kelsey Verdeber about a woman who finds herself inside a room with no doors and no windows. How will she escape? A conceptual adaptation to a classic brainteaser.

Canonball, 2011

Canonball (2011)

Format | Digital, Canon 5D
Duration | 12mins

A film directed by Wesley Fleming about a young heir to a fortune who begins to rely on a relationship with his 12 year-old neighbor as the only hope to having a normal life.

Don Bluth, 2011

Jen Library Special Collections: Don Bluth (2011)

Format | Digital Canon T2i
Duration | 9mins

A short informative documentary about the works of Don Bluth currently residing at the Jen Library Special Collections.

Kintsugi, 2011

Kintsugi (2011)

Format | Digital, Canon 5D
Duration | 4mins

A short directed by Emily Tolan. A woman wakes up after a violent assault. Once recovered she finds comfort in taking care of a plant that was also damaged in the attack.

Slippers, 2011

Slippers (2011)

Format | Digital, Canon 5D
Duration | 7mins

A short film Directed by Katherine Huang. A man eavesdrops on a conversation in a local coffee shop. What he hears leads him to believe he might be in fact sleeping with the Devil.

Somnabulist, 2010

The Somnambulist (2010)

Format | 16mm / Canon 5D
Duration | 6mins

A short film Directed by Courtney Hood. A creepy young somnambulist has trouble finding a companion. He gains hope once he discovers a tanning salon.